Discovering the Art of Music #1

Hey everyone, it’s me Anthony Singh. I’am writing today about MUSIC!

  1. What I want this Article to do for you: Discover Music
  2.  What are we discovering?: 88 Rising
  3. Click the Blue letters to go straight to videos and stuff! (Hyperlink)


Alright, lets begin by saying 88 Rising is a collective music group that consist of a variety of different styles of music, and musicians. The majority of the members are Asian.  What makes this group of artist different from other music artist is that each artist speaks in a different language. One artist might be rapping in Japanese, and the next artist will be rapping in Korean, and they also switch from asian to english all in the same song. It is so artistic to me, and blows me away every time I listen to one of their songs. With so many different languages in their music a high percent of their listeners do not understand their songs fully.


Here is a link to their website:

I discovered this group on Youtube (88 rising Youtube Channel). One of there famous songs that went huge is called “It G Ma”. You can view this song, and get a feel for what 88 rising is all about by clicking this link: It G Ma Music Video

I love seeing cultures smash into each other, and creating interesting art. These artist are doing huge things for their countries, and for the hip hop world. They are modernly famous now, but mark my words they will be HUGE a few years from now! Just remember where you discovered it first! Here at Yamagotchicrew!!!



Writer: Anthony Singh

Date: September 4th 2016







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