Intro to Disney Blog Post!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I will be adding a new category to the site! The category I will be adding is DISNEY!!! I’am huge Disney fan, and go to the parks regularly here in Orlando, Fl. I’ve been going to Disney since I moved to Florida when I was 4. So around 16 years of Disney magic! With this category added to our site I will be discussing numerous amount of different stuff that involves Disney! Such as helpful hints, pictures and videos of rides, vinylmation, facts about Disney, and whole bunch of other stuff! Hopefully you all will enjoy!


Date: 9/7/16

Photography: Anthony Singh

Label: Yamagotchicrew

Original Writing

Writer: Anthony Singh




Comment below your answer!

Question: What is your favorite Disney Theme Park?

Answer: My favorite Disney Theme Park is a tie between Epcot and Magic Kingdom.


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