When Stars Misguide Us

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great!

I have exciting news that I’am proud to announce! My whole life I have been searching for my own “Company” or “Label”, like a Creative Independent Label. Something that I could call my own, and put all my art into. Such as my Original songs, videos, and writings. Also in the near future I would like to open a shop on Etsy, with handmade items. Well I had trials, and errors finding it.. I tried couple a different names, and label structures, but they just didn’t fit my overall message that I wanted people to understand. I’am into spirituality, finding yourself, falling in love, and exploring life! I couldn’t figure out a name to describe all of that… and now i finally have! When Stars Misguide Us!! The meaning of this name I will describe in a later post! Just wanted to inform everyone that i’m finally moving forward, and getting closer to my goals in life!


Writer: Anthony Singh

Photographer: Anthony Singh

Published: 10/27/16

Label: When Stars Misguide Us

Website: http://whenstarsmisguideu.wixsite.com/whenstarsmisguideus

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whenstarsmisguideus

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