Disney Class “Introduction”

Hello everyone! I have created a new section within my category “Disney”. My new section is called “Disney Class”. In this section I will be discussing different parts of the history of everything Disney (in no particular order). From theme parks to movies, and everything in between. I can not wait to dive in, and learn new things with everyone. I’m just a rookie at this; so we will truly all be learning together! Also I aim to be non opinionated, and try to state true facts about Disney. I want to treat this just like a class that was made to learn about Disney. If there are any questions, if I missed anything, or if I have made any mistakes please comment. I can not wait to explore Disney!


Grab your Mickey ears because Semester One will begin very soon!

Date: 11/28/16
Photography: Anthony Singh
Label: When Stars Misguide Us
Original Writing
Writer: Anthony Singh
Website: http://whenstarsmisguideus.wixsite.com/whenstarsmisguideus
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whenstarsmisguideus/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/anthony-singh-whenstarsmisguideus

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