Soul Searching #10

We made it to “Soul Searching #10”!! I’m proud to say that we have reached the tenth entry. In this entry I talked about how fast time is moving for us in our society. I feel as though all this technological advances has been distracting us from being human. Please read, like, and share! I appreciate you, and your soul. 

I feel as though our generations lives move very quickly compared to past generations. And I believe that is our goal? To make everything “quicker”. In many ways it is great, but everything in life has its pros and cons. When everything is moving so quickly us as humans tend to forget to live, and also we forget all the living things that are surrounding us. The Ocean is slowly dying because of us.. Coral reefs are starting to die off, many sea creatures are slowly becoming endangered. The trees around us are getting torn down which are animals homes, and we build our homes on top of there homes. Things move so quickly in our society that we forget to live in the now! We forget that we only have one shot at this life, and all the people that are apart of lives we will only see for a short period of time… And the thing is we KNOW that! We still don’t take out the time and try to listen to one another, and understand one another. We need to close our mouths, and open our souls. Everything is moving quickly, so capture as many, breath taking, moments that you can. 

Date: 1/18/17
Photography: Anthony Singh
Label: When Stars Misguide Us
Original Writing
Writer: Anthony Singh

 Link to youtube page:

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