My Music Mondays!

Music is my passion in life. I listen a wide range of different music, and I also create music! My music name is “Anthony Singh 😀“. You can find me in YouTube by searching Anthony Singh 😀 or When Stars Misguide Us. 

One of my favorite collections of music that I’ve created is called “When Did The Emotions Vanish?”. The sound that I have created in these songs is kind of a electro pop punk feel. That is one sound that I have been trying to create since I started making music.

I have five songs on this collection of music.

1) I Can’t Help Myself

2) No Matter What We Will All Be Our Very Own Heroes..

3) Time I Won.

4) Follow Your Passion

5) When Did The Emotions Vanish?
You can listen to all these songs and see music videos that I created for these songs on my youtube. When Did The Emotions Vanish? by Anthony Singh 😀 (Collection of Music):

Date: 1/8/16
Photography: Anthony Singh
Label: When Stars Misguide Us
Original Writing
Writer: Anthony Singh

Link to youtube page:

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