Soul Searching #11

Hello everyone! This is a short writing that is connected to another poem kind of story from “Soul searching #4” post. Please read and enjoy.
Is This The Midnight Spirit?

Gasping for air as I rise from my bed. 

I stare at the dark, abandoned road that is in front of me.

“How did I get here?” I ask myself. 

I thought I was in my cozy, and safe bedroom. 

I stand numb, and unable to move, but why? What is the meaning of this? Is this reality, or a dream?

At that very moment it hit me.. I understood what was happening. 

Oh how could I forget?? 

This is neither a dream nor is it reality. 

The place where I’am, is right in the middle of both. 

The place in between our dreams and our reality. 

I have been here before! I’m sure of it!

“Hello” said a uneasy sounding voice that made my soul feel a bit unsettled. 

“What is this place?” I asked out loud. 

“Midnight Spirit, Midnight Spirit, Midnight Spirit” this voice kept repeating and repeating these two words “Midnight Spirit”.

 What does it mean?


Date: 1/9/17
Photography: Anthony Singh
Label: When Stars Misguide Us
Original Writing
Writer: Anthony Singh

 Link to youtube page:


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