New chapter 

My Music Monday!

Hello everyone, I’m a music artist that creates a form of pop music. To be more specific I believe I create a electro pop punk kind of sound. Kinda like the postal service meets blink 182. Well, that is my goal to sound like those two genres of music with a hint of hip hop. I’ve been creating original music and publishing it on YouTube for about 8 years now. But now since the way we all listen to music has changed from 8 years ago, I’m leaning more towards streaming music sites such as Spotify! That is my new chapter in my music journey! To put my songs on Spotify. The reason for this choice is not to earn money (I don’t have a lot of fans and plus I create music as my passion) and it’s not for fame (once again I probably have less than 20 fans) but the main reason is because Spotify is what I use to listen to music and I would feel like a real artist if I got my songs copyrighted and published and a real site like Spotify!

I have a few songs really to upload just have to save up and research how to publish them on Spotify.

Thanks for reading !

Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

6 thoughts on “New chapter 

  1. Let me add–it is a purpose sprung from your core, from the most central and vital place, your soul, which ultimately cannot be touched or harmed by anyone or anything, not bombardment, not the prescriptions of an external world–Laura

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