Soul searching #14

One of my song lyrics has been popping up in my head. The quote is “My Only Fear Is Losing The Passion”.

This quote that I created hits me hard. Lately I have been questioning my passion (which is creating music). My biggest fear in life is losing my passion. How does one lose their passion? There are many different ways. For example when you begin to grow up your adult heart and mind might tell your soul that you don’t need it, or that is was just a phase in your childhood. And then, Poof! It’s gone. Our passion in life is what keeps our soul alive, and strong. 

Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

4 thoughts on “Soul searching #14

  1. If this is your greatest fear, how can you ever forget it? If it is your greatest fear, it is also in the deepest place, next to what will save you.

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    1. Beautiful reply. I agree, but with that lyric I created was purposely a contradiction. I made it a contradiction because us as humans sometimes tend to lie to ourselves and pretend like we have forgotten things that still haunt us.


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