Soul Searching #15

Why do we remember certain dreams?

When we are asleep studies have told us tht we have numerous amount of different dreams before we awake. This morning I awoke and had a very strange dream. It was about me checking into a hotel that was full of monsters, and disturbing creatures. This hotel was created for them and it was a very odd dream. So as I awoke from my dream; I started to analyze why in the world did I remember this dream and not the other dreams that I had before it? Is it because it was the last dream that I dreamt before waking up? But that can’t be the case because after I woke up I want back to sleep, and did not remember whatever dream I had at that time. I’m not sure why I wrote about all this, for some reason I just been thinking about it all day, and needed to write about it.

Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

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