The Year 2020 Music Will Be Personal and Authentic Again


In my opinion since around the year 2009ish I feel that mainstream music, and music overall started to change in a negative way. The quality of music started to be awful. I think there are a few reasons why music started to go downhill. One of the reasons was YouTube started to make stars that in my opinion were ready to be stars. Then these giant music industries took these musicians and created what they wanted out of them. Music companies in my opinion started to really control artist and therefore we began to lose personal, and authentic music. Also during this time of 2009 to around 2015 I believe certain genres started to disappear such as RnB, Pop Punk Rock, Rock, and the ideas of Bands. As I grew older I began to realize that genres were dying, and the idea of bands were vanishing quickly. What was killing them off? I believe it was the “Electronic Dance Music”. Now before I go on I have nothing against dance music at all. I love dance music and have been listening to techno, dubstep, and dance music my whole life. I’am just giving my opinion on analyzation I have made up about the movement of music in my generation. I’am glad that Electronic dance music has created a movement and is very successful with it, but my complaint is that many other genres are disappearing because dance music is taking over.  Now Electronic Dance Music started to take over every genre and just smash into each other. For example the biggest songs that were out during this time had many electronic dance influence in them. Just example of how Rnb went dance would be a song called “Yeah X3 by Chris Brown”. Example of how rock turn dance would be a song like “Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5”. There are tons of other examples why did I chose those two? I have no idea?

Okay So what is my point in this article? My Overall point is that I have this feeling that when we hit the year 2020 music will go back to being diverse, and genre will come back! We will start seeing, and hearing old genres, and new genres come back to the mainstream world of music. I believe that when we hit 2020 music will also be personal and authentic again. We will begin to see artist start making music for their fans and not for the GIANT DISGUSTING MUSIC INDUSTRIES that have been controlling out music artist for so long now. Now this is just my opionion. My reasons behind my opinion is because of Spotify, and Apple Music. These streaming websites are giving artist the ability to make more music, and have more freedom to create music. Also now that we the listeners have a stronger control over what music we want to hear, music artist, and music label companies have to adapt to what we want to listen to, therefore I know that humanity will always look for personal music, or music that speaks to them. I have seen the change of music already in 2017! Pop punk rock is coming back strong, Rnb music alive again with new, and young artist. Indie music is stronger than ever, and the genres within it are getting very diverse.


I have been listening to music intensely for most of my life (I also create my own music). I love to listening to all different genres of music, and when I say that I listen to all different types of genres of music; I MEAN IT! I listen to country, blues, screamo, acoustic, pop, punk, soca, classic rock, hip hop, trap, dance, and everything in between! With that being said I can confidently say that I’am very knowledgeable with different types of genres of music. On my spotify I have over 300 playlist that is my proof. lol


Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

4 thoughts on “The Year 2020 Music Will Be Personal and Authentic Again

  1. I like this post. The monopolization/commercialization of the music industry is something that is strongly recognized and focused on by many intelligent individuals like yourself; not because it is a vague opinion that is relatable to; but indeed, because it is a very measurable fact.
    To quote: “A project called the Million Song Data-set initially launched in 2011 by Columbia University set out to aggregate metadata for a million contemporary popular music tracks and use it to discover trends and other useful information. By using “timbre” to distinguish and grade songs, the study found that on a scientific level, music is becoming less diverse.”
    The graph seen here is representative of an unbiased computational analysis of ORIGINALITY in structure and tonality (think of chord progressions):×266.jpg
    Indeed, there is a very stark decline in both originality and experimentation in modern music; and both of these aspects are integral to the creation of meaningful music. This issue is something I feel strongly about, and I applaud you for speaking up about it!
    Music is arguably the most advanced form of language available to us. It is also a universal language. And like anything that is currently evolving, it has its unhelpful mutations. Mutations help things evolve, but unhelpful mutations need to be weeded out. You are helping this process, and that is infinitely respectable.

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for your detailed comment!! It makes me feel inspired to know that there is more people out there seeking more diverse music and living. I also create my own original music that I think you might enjoy! Thank you so much for commenting. I greatly appreciate your kind words.

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