Soul Searching #17

Soul searching post are all about my day to day searching for meaning for my soul and hoping that by me writing to you that it can help you get closer to your soul.

Lately I have been analyzing my life and trying to figure out how to reach my goals and happiness. There are a lot of necessary, and complicated steps that I have already been through in my earlier years in highschool, but as a 21 year old college kid it seems that the biggest obstacle that is trying to block me from feeling free is  DISTRACTIONS. 

Now when I say distractions it can mean numerous amount of different things for anyone. For me my distraction was not controlling my time better. I didn’t have a structured plan on how to make the most out of the days that I’m alive (which goes by quickly). So I’m taking action, and starting to schedule my weeks, and trying to take control over the hours that pass in my days.

I do want to live this life to the best ability that I can! I think understanding Time, and how it can be controlled will help me. Now I’m not going to go overboard and forget to live in the moment, or miss life’s beautiful, mysterious ways of taking time away from me. All I’m saying is that finally at 21 years old I have realized how time is the most  precious thing a human has on this planet. 
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