Rocky! The Maltese!



Rocky is my 2 year old Maltese dog. He is my best friend, and he is also very fluffy. To begin I will explain how he entered my life. My little brother wanted a dog for his birthday, and my family voted if we should add a dog to our family. My whole family voted yes to getting a dog, while me and my dad were the only ones who said no. My exact words were “Dogs are too much responsibility and none of us have time to watch it”. Now my family has had dogs in the past (4 rottweilers, and 1 yorkie). All 5 of the dogs my family had in the past I did not interact with much, and definitely did not take care. I wasn’t much of a pet person. I loved animals and studying them with a passion, but I for some reason just wasn’t a pet person. Anyway the majority votes won and we got ROCKY! He came and my little brother loved him. He began to feed him, walk him, sleep with him, take him out to potty, and everything else between, and I was just in the background watching. Then no joke, about a month goes by and this little guy (rocky) won’t leave me alone. He won’t eat without me, he won’t sleep without me, and wouldn’t even drink water if I wasn’t home.

He chose me as his owner and ever since I have been the best owner I could be to him. Rocky is everywhere I go, and lays on my lap every change he can get. He is my best friend now and I can’t wait to grow old with him. He loves me, and he loves the rest of my family, but he loves me a lot more for some odd reason. Im glad he is in my life!




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