Stars Are Glowing

2 thoughts on “Stars Are Glowing

  1. Hey there lil’ brother! Madcow here…question…have you ever thought of putting some of the lyrics to these songs on your posts? The music is completely awesome and resonates beautifully with what I think this generation is needing to hear…It’s just that for those of us who are visual learners more, (myself included), I love to read the words as I hear the music for it creates an even deeper understanding. With that said however, I do want to acknowledge that your pronunciation of the words is quite audible and easy to hear…it is just a suggestion. Keep up the good work and leave that light shining! -madcow

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much for listening and commenting! It means so much to me! And I appreciate your feedback and completely agree with you. I will definitely put the lyrics in my music post for now on. Thank you so much for giving me that idea! Have a great day

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