Soul Searching #18

Soul searching post are all about my day to day searching for meaning for my soul and hoping that by me writing to you that it can help you get closer to your soul.

June 2017 is over and will never return again. For me the month of June this year was a rough emotional battle. I was battling my soul all month long, and it helped me grow. I was battling my soul about my passion (which is creating music/When Stars Misguide Us) I was feeling down, and hopeless about my passions. I was asking my soul why should I carry on my passion when no one else is interested in, and doesn’t care about it.

See I was growing tired of my art not being viewed by others. It’s not because I seek for attention, and that I want to be famous or something; its because I want to touch everyone’s souls, and learn from everyone’s souls very desperately.

The month is over and July is now here, and I’m feeling a bit more better. I’am creating plans on expanding “When Stars Misguide Us”, and I’am excited to keep on pursuing my soul’s passion.

Thank you for reading, if you have a passion that your soul is telling you I would love to hear about it!


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