The less you own the more freedom you have

“The less you own the more freedom you have”. – The Drums (band)

It is a very interesting concept that is one of my favorite lyrics from a song called “I Need Fun In My Life by The Drums”. Sometimes I feel as though everyone around is worried about the items or “stuff” that they have. I am not against owning things, or having a lot of things. I’m only against when people put those things before their loved ones, or even before themselves.

Sometimes to move forward we need to leave things behind us such as people, or even items.

Last week I felt as though I needed to move forward with my life and clean it up. I felt as though I was full of clutter and then I realized that I owned too many items. So I spent the whole day throwing out everything that I did not need. I started with my closet and threw out tons of clothing and shoes. Then I started with everything else that was around my room, and even my bathroom. At the end of the day I throughout a big garbage bag full of things. I felt better, I felt lighter, and I felt like now I can move a bit quicker on my soul journey.
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