Hip Hop Is At It’s Scene Era

Hello today I will be discussing hip hop! Hip hop is one of my favorite genres of music. I have been listening to hip hop as long as I can remember. Also Hip Hop is now  the biggest genre in the world. With that being said I have been analyzing hip hop for awhile now. I have heard people talking about hip hop and what era it is at. Many people and articles have stated that Hip Hop is at it’s “punk” or “emo” stage. I agree partially.

I feel as though hip hop is at is “SCENE” stage or era. Why do I think this? Well if you look at scene artist such as Dot Dot Curve or Brokencyde you will find a lot of similarities. Such as wearing skinny jeans, dying their hair different colors, flashy neon color clothes, lyrics talking about drugs, lyrics are degrading women, lyrics about how drugs make them feel lonely, and using voices that sound like they are on drugs. Two new and upcoming hip hop artist that really prove my point would be “6 dogs” and “Lil Uzi Vert”.

Also if hip hop was really at it’s emo stage than the songs would consist of lyrics about feeling alone, and other lyrics such as that. While Hip hop “scene” movement has no really content except about drugs, and feeling different.

Also the beat in the new scene hip hop movement sound awfully like scene beats with the simple and catchy synthesizers. Also the choruses, and flows in the hip hop scene sound almost pop-y enough to be like owl city. There are many more similarities and artist that I could compare but I will end it here. This is just my opinion.

(feature image (road with rain) is not mine, found it for free on this website https://www.pexels.com/photo/vinyl-record-playing-164853/)

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