Ways of Living In The Moment

Ways of Living In The Moment

One of the keys to life is to live in the moment. Yes, this sounds very cliche, and you must have heard this lesson a million times, but I hope I explain my opinion on living in the moment more differently than you have once heard. Learning to live in the moment will unlock a brand new amazing world for you, and your soul. It is a hard concept to grasp, and understand because naturally for humans it is in our instincts to learn from our past (remember it) and prepare for our future (contemplate about it). Which gets in the way of living in the only moment that you are actually living which is NOW, this moment. Now I understand that in order to live as a functioning human we must think, and sometimes even live in the future, or past, but what I’m trying to explain is ways to truly enjoy your life when you are trying to be happy, or grow within your soul.

  1. Do not feel and think of past memories. Those memories are gone, and you have no control over them at all. Not one bit. Those moments have already happened so stop feeling and thinking about some this that no living.
  2. Do not feel and think of the future because once again it does not exist, and no matter what you cannot live in the future.
  3. Listen to your soul. Understand that you are only here physically for a short amount of time. Your soul wants to experience as many new things as it can before it departs from your physical being.
  4. The world and the universe is not out to get you, and you cannot tell the world, and the universe what to do, or what you want. We all are living beings that are living in nature. We are nature. Just like a leaf has a time when its green, and full of life, and it also has a time when it dies and vanishes. We are the same. We are Nature.

Soul Searching

(feature image (road with rain) is not mine, found it for free on this website https://www.pexels.com/photo/road-landscape-nature-forest-39811/)


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8 thoughts on “Ways of Living In The Moment

  1. Nice post,totally agree with you,have been many years now im trying my best to live in the moment,its so hard but I had some periods in the past I have been able to live in the now and………it was amazing,miracles would happen,and life was joyful even doing nothing,as a human being I often let my mind get back in control over my soul and the magic of life was over,from the first time I experienced the now I never gave up trying to reach that state longer and longer
    I do believe we are here in this life to learn,to learn about love,I can’t be sure but I like to believe it

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  2. good post. One thing I would like to add. The benefit of the moment is of detachment. I found that the more you learn to see your body as “borrowed” the easier it becomes to distinguish between survival urges and the soul. So basically being aware that the physical vessel thinks on its own. That the soul watches that. That moment, you become timeless. What binds time is matter. the physical body is thus bound by time. fighting that is futile as you will always have a physical body. but once you become aware of the “nature” behind nature, time vanishes for a moment.

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment. It is perfect. I have been actually practicing this method recently and it is challenging. But that moment when you get it, you feel so free. Thank you again for your comment. I appreciate it.


  3. Hey! I love your posts! I’m not sure if you know this but Jesus is soooo crazy about you. He calls you by name and just wants to love you and fill you with peace and joy and everything else that your soul craves. I hope you have a great day- don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I have my own blog too haha


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