Fall Is When Everything Comes Together For Me

Now I haven’t wrote this in any of my post, and now looking back on it I wish I did. Well today I’m going to discuss what I wish I shared with you a couple months ago. 

So during the month of May 2017, I received this intense feeling in my soul. My mind and my heart we’re also in shock of how strong this feeling was. It took me until around late June 2017 for my mind, heart, and soul to finally connect with each other and give me an answer to this strong feeling. Now the way the feeling felt was as if my soul was hit my a exploding colorful ball of emotions, and energy, and as soon as this ball entered my soul it exploded tons of different colors. The colors were mostly dark, warm colors. Anyways back to the answer.. 

The answer that I finally figured out was I guess a prophecy of some sort.. I guess? Well this feeling told me that this fall in 2017 something will happen to my soul and will force it to grow. Now ever since then nothing has happened, but all this time I carried around this gut feeling about how this fall I need my soul to be prepared.

Now it might seem odd, or might now believe me, but every year since I was small when fall came around I would always feel my soul grow, and move up to the next “level” or “chapter” in my life. Honestly it’s the most emotional, vulnerable, and loneliest expierence someone can have, but the aftermath of it is absolutely amazing. I have fallen in love with fall and I have grown accustomed to the process of growing. Now I can’t wait till I figure this mystery out and tell you all about this fall!! 

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