1 year anniversary! “When Stars Misguide Us”

October 24th of 2016 is when I discovered and created “When Stars Misguide Us”. I’m very proud to say that today has market it’s 1 year anniversary! Lately I have been slow at creating, and pushing forward my movement which summarized is “Searching for the Truth”. The reason for my slowness is because right now in my life as a 21 year old, I am really searching deep for myself. I am finding more about my soul and it has been a very emotional, and stressful couple months. I know that once I get a grasp, and finally move on to the next chapter of my soul, I will start to move a bit faster. I have many goals for “When Stars Misguide Us” and I can’t wait to accomplish them. In my quest all I wish is to help, and open people’s souls. I have accomplished a lot so far within in this year. Many things that I have accomplished this year are things that I have been dreaming of since I was 6 years old (no joke). I want to thank everyone who likes, comments, and reads my post. I appreciate it. If you ever want to get to know more about my soul I create music and it reflects my soul perfectly. Also if you ever want to have deep chats do not hesitate to contact me. I appreciate you and your soul. Keep fighting.

Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

Contact me: whenstarsmisguideus@yahoo.com

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