November 11th 2017 (My 22nd Birthday) 

Hello everyone! Today is my birthday 11/11/17. Today I turn 22 years old. It is odd to me because since I was little the weather on my birthdays would always end up being a bit chilly, cloudy, dark, and rainy. These weather conditions happen to be my favorite kind. Maybe I’m just over thinking it, but I believe that it always happens every year. Also something that I have been doing since I was about 11 years old is that I would create a playlist whether on iTunes or Spotify and add songs that are my favorite at the time, but I always add my favorite blink 182 songs. It’s like a little tradition I do. I also add a journal entry into my journal and try to come up with a life quote that I can relate to at the present moment in my life. Right now in my life I am learning that I am needed for people’s spiritual path. I am a tool that helps people reflect on themselves. I am a key for people to open the doors in their soul. It is great responsibility that I must take serious. I always knew that I had this but I never knew how to handle it or I never knew that people actually listened. Now that I have realized I can handle it and everyone and everything is listening I must do my best to help everyone’s souls and mine.

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10 thoughts on “November 11th 2017 (My 22nd Birthday) 

  1. I hope you have a fun birthday! It’s wonderful that you have discovered your life’s purpose. It’s taken me my whole life to realize my purpose. You are very blessed and special to have found this at your age Anthony 🙂 All the very best to you on your birthday and always.

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      1. My life’s purpose is hopefully through my writing which is always from my heart, and to do my best to be a steady warm presence when times are rough. I’ve tried doing that by volunteer work with children who have lost a loved one, and recently taking on a little cat that was starving for love and food. I’m no saint, Anthony, and have made big mistakes on this journey, but I’m trying to live by my Spirit and not my ego, and I think if each of us can leave this planet a little bit better then that’s pretty good. It doesn’t always have to be big stuff that we do, but all the little things that make a difference.

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      2. Wow! Beautiful writing. You explain yourself perfectly. It is inspiring to read. Thank you for sharing. We all have made mistakes, I think if we do like you said “live by the spirit and not the ego” I believe that is our calling as humans to live a content life. Thank you again for sharing! I appreciate it

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  2. Tomorrow I am 43 years old. I remember my 22nd birthday. It was AMAZING! I hope you have at least as much adventure, amusement and surprises as I have had In the next twenty plus’s years. Have a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy

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