Soul Connections

My soul has been through some tough battles this year. My mind and my heart has also taken a beating. I have learned and grown a lot, but for some reason I feel confused. I’m not sure what I’m confused about? See at this point in my life (22 years old) I have officially left behind high school and everyone who was in it. All those people I went with in high school I do not speak to at all. Well except my girlfriend who I have been dating since we were 15 years old. I feel good about leaving those people behind because they brought me down physically and emotionally. Right now everyone in my life is bringing me up and is helping me move on in my path. The ones who are with me now are my family (2 little brothers, mom, and dad), my pup (rocky the Maltese), and my girlfriend (6 years together). My aunt, uncle and my two young cousins also help me. So basically my family and my girlfriend are the only people in my life right now. I feel comfortable but I want to change it! I want to add more people to my spiritual journey. There are too many people in the world for me to only allow this many people. I have been talking to people I know and strangers trying to find connections. I have not gained any new ones yet, but hopefully I can. Well last fall in college I whole heartedly believed that I found someone that I strongly connected with, but this person did not want to accept me as a friend, and for some reason distanced themselves from me… I’m not sure why, but wish me luck on finding some more soul connections! I hope that all you start gaining soul connections!

Picture of Rocky the Maltese (my best buddy)

Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

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