Social Media is Scary

I’m 22 years old and I’m a millennial. I have had most social media accounts, and this year I officially deleted them all. I never really used them in the first place, and I just made a personal decision, and wanted to disconnect myself from the social media world. Now I want to make it clear that I am not against social media at all. It is in my opinion a awesome, and powerful creation. What I am against is how humanity is dealing with social media.

Social media lately is scaring me. See when I was younger let’s say in middle School there was not much you could do with your phone, and social media was still fairly new to the younger crowd. Now as I got older and headed into highschool is where things get frightening. I would go to school ready to talk to other humans and to get to know people, but I couldn’t because everyone was more interested in their phones. Now that I’m in college I just can’t believe my eyes. No matter what age whether they are in their 20’s or 40’s everyone is glued to their phones and there is a good chance they are checking social media. Now I know I sound a bit negative, but I feel as though we need to fix this situation before we all become slaves to society. It might sound over dramatic or radical, but I believe if our society keeps this obsessive behavior for likes, and comments our future will be controlled by the people who are running these big social media companies. Our youth looks up to social media to decide if they fit in or not. People of all ages feel as though if they are accepted on social media they are accepted in real life, but that is false. We need to unplug ourselves and start to try and find ourselves! Look within and you will find a beautiful soul that social media could never make a account for. But then again maybe I’m wrong, and I’m just worrying too much. I am young, and I’m learning something new every single day. Thanks for reading, this post was just me venting something that has been on my mind for awhile.

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8 thoughts on “Social Media is Scary

  1. I’ve been there. And still go ‘there’ one is a while. But, as I’m sure you know, there – that mental and emotional state – isn’t a where you thrive. You will always see what you want to see, yet, it doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY thing you can see. You always have a choice on where to focus your eyes, thoughts, actions, aspirations, etc. Once you have a stable starting point, the world around you will not shake you or SHAPE you. Believe me, many more will feel your smile even when you can’t see them.

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  2. Your post is right on target. You’re absolutely right about how people have become addicted to social media. A phone on the table during dinner at a restaurant or at any time of the day is now acceptable. Worse, answering a text or checking your FB page is also ok while with friends/family. How about walking while looking at your phone? It’s insane but I’m afraid this behavior is going to be around for a while to come. Anyway, your post was excellent! 🙂

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  3. I agree with you but I feel and I can seeing it every day that people is changing,is looking for answers,they try to get in touch within more,that’s why so many yoga school open,meditation centres open,more people starting blogs trying to help other people,I feel like is true we getting more and more caught in this tools of separations but because they separate us more and more that isn’t natural people begin to feel it and looking for answers cause the real human nature is the one of being togheter,to socialize,to be part of a group,I feel that what look like being the worst era in human history is actually evolving in the best,sometime we need to reach the bottom to arise as a person as collective
    Be positive cause we heading there,we heading to that stage of love and peacefulness
    Have a great day

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  4. The biggest problem I have with social media is that most people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc… is that they are not real people. They have carefully constructed personas and alter-egos on these sites to make it seem like they have the perfect, fun, and exciting life. It seems like people then start to lose themselves in these personas.

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. And for me when people get to that point it annoys me. The best version of yourself is the person who you truly are not a made up one that you think everyone likes. I miss you man! Thanks for commenting!


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