How to free up your mind (3 basic ways )

Since we all are unique and are individuals there are numerous amounts of way to approach freeing your mind. When I say “free your mind” what I am referencing is the feeling of content within your brain. Like no stress, negative thoughts, worry, sadness, depression, and so forth. I feel that many people go through their days, weeks, months, and even years without acknowledging that they need to free their mind. Many people do not fix this problem and don’t know how, or where to start. So I made a basic short list of how to start freeing your mind. This is only my opinion, and do not think that I am right or wrong. This is a basic list that consist of only 3 ways when there are millions of ways. This list is only created to help open your mind and mine to new concepts.

1. Keep a journal

This to me is the absolutely best thing you can do for yourself! I have been journaling for as long as I can remember. It’s a beautiful feeling and you can learn so much about yourself. When you get a journal just start writing anything you want! There are no rules and no one can tell you what is right or wrong. Write out your thoughts, emotions, goals, dreams, your day, daily plan, ideas, things you want to change; I mean the list is infinite. Truthfully I can speak from experience of you write about maybe 3 times a week you will feel a great difference in your mind.

2. Nature

Nature is beautiful and I know you probably heard that a trillion times. But there is something about the nature around us that brings us humans at ease, and helps us answer questions that we might have in our heads. There are many ways to be with nature such as running, walking, going on a trail, watching a nature documentary, going to a park, and sitting outside. Well there a tons of different things those are just a few, but I guarantee afterwards you will have some questions answered and you will feel a bit more free.

3. Meditate, Pray, or anyway of releasing all your thoughts and emotions that you have for yourself and others.

This could be done in many different ways. You could start by sending all the positive energy you have out onto others that you love. You can speak to the infinite universe with all the stars and planets, and give it all the emotions and thoughts that you have locked up inside you. You can speak to a God. You can speak to yourself. There are tons of different ways but the main idea is to release your mind from all of its stress and to release your soul.

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2 thoughts on “How to free up your mind (3 basic ways )

  1. I don’t know why, but I’ve never felt comfortable with journals. There is something about putting down my inward thoughts on paper that unnerves me. That is not to suggest I am Jack the Ripper 2018. I just feel uncomfortable with the idea of laying my soul bare on pen and paper.

    I agree that meditation can be a great way to collect yourself and organize the noise of our thoughts. I often go on long walks regardless of the weather when I feel burdened or overwhelmed. Movement helps lull my worries and disperse the clutter of my thoughts.

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    1. I can understand your point about journals. Many people I talk to have around the same feeling as you do. But for me at least it works beautifully. And that is an awesome way to unclutter your mind! Thank you so much for commenting. I greatly appreciate it.


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