Saros and The Midnight Spirit (original writing)

Writing created by Anthony Singh
Saros and The Midnight Spirit
Saros and the midnight spirit
Saros: Are you a ghost?
Voice: No, I am not.
Saros: We’re you ever a human?
Voice: No, I am not a ghost and I was never a human. I am a spirit.
Saros: What is your name?
Voice: My name?
Saros: What do the other spirits or people call you?
Voice: I am alone.
Saros: Your name is alone?
Voice: No, I have no one, this is the first conversation I have ever had.
Saros: See I can’t believe that.. Wanna know why? Because you know so much, like right now you have the concept of what being alone is and you also understand what being human is. Explain that?
Voice: Well, I’m not sure how I have any knowledge at all.. I’m actually confused on how we are talking to each other.
Saros: I know your name.
Voice: What is it?
Saros: You have told me before in the past. It’s like this blur in my thoughts.. but I know you did.
Voice: Impossible.
Saros: Your name is Midnight Spirit.
Voice: Why would you call me that? Why would that be my name?
Saros: Because for some reason I can always feel your spirit at midnight.

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