Philosophize This! Must listen to podcast for those who seek truth about life!

Something very odd, and cool happened to me on Tuesday, January 30th 2018. I woke up in the morning with a old favorite song stuck in my head. It was weird because I haven’t heard this song in maybe over a year. Now, the song is called “Sleeping In by The Postal Service”. This song is one of my top favorite songs and one of my top favorite artists. This group influenced my sound of the music I make and inspired me when I was young to create my own music. Anyways this song was playing in my head and I was wondering why? I asked myself maybe it’s a sign that I should start listening to the old songs I used to like, or maybe I should name some of the hip hop songs I make “Postal Trap” because I have a hip hop beat with a Postal service flow. I don’t know my mind was wondering! Anyway I get to work and I put on my head phones and listen to a podcast that I have recently gotten into. It’s called Philosophoze this! By Steven West. It’s an awesome podcast and I learned so much from it! I truly recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone! It’s so amazing to learn about philosophy and the way he talks is great. He doesn’t talk about his opinions and he doesn’t bore you to death with big words. He reads you history and paints a beautiful picture of the setting and then he discusses philosophers and their philosophy. He actually quotes all these amazing philosophers. It is truly a spectacular podcast and I am learning so much about philosophy, life, the world, history, and more. It is truly helping me find myself a bit faster. Anyways, back to the story so I put on my headphones to listen to philosophize this! And he starts quotes the lyrics of the song that was playing in my head when I woke up? And he started explaining how the artists created their own philosophy in the songs lyrics. For some reason this made me nervous and gave me goosebumps. I’m not sure what this means or if it means anything but it truly was a very cool expierence.


Screenshot 2018-02-05 16.50.47

Here is a link to the philosophy podcast. I highly recommend it!

Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

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