Concert in Downtown Orlando


So me (22), my two brothers ages (12) and (18), and my girlfriend(21) all went to a concert on February 14th 2018. I put the ages in just to paint a picture of all of us together.. I don’t know. The bands that played were “Oso Oso, Mom jeans, and Tiny Moving Parts”. The concert was a blast! All the bands did great, and the crowd had an awesome vibe. Everyone was screaming lyrics to the songs, moshing, and crowd surfing. This concert was truly refreshing to me. I had an awesome time. It was very interesting and inspiring to me to see a group of people who all felt the same about certian songs, and their reaction to their favorite songs were screaming, and moshing. I love how different we all are. It is truly beautiful. I have been to many different kind of genre concerts and it’s always interesting to me to see how people react to their favorite songs.



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