Diving Into Oceans of Books (March 2018)

I have this goal that I set in 2016. Every month I try to read at least 2 books and by the end of the year my goal is to read 24 books. Well I have been thinking and I thought it would be cool to show everyone what kinda books come into my life at certain times. Books and reading is truly an amazing gift from the universe. Well here are the three books I read this month.

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9 thoughts on “Diving Into Oceans of Books (March 2018)

  1. Have read The Hobbit, and The Deathly Hallows both good reads IMO. I’m reading Island People: the Caribbean and the world Author Jelly-Shapiro, Joshua, two very interesting chapters about Jamaica and the roots of the music culture on the island. I was drawn to the book by these chapters as I’m a presenter on http://www.dwradio.co.uk an online/internet radio station. I play reggae music amongst several other genres.

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      1. I’m trying to follow your lead. I used to read a lot for ten years as part of a Book Group I read at least one book a month. I been a sporadic reader for the last five. I’m currently reading Sebastian Faulks – where my heart used to beat. Last month I read Mr Rochester a prequel to Jane Eyre.

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