Who Am I? #One

Hey everyone I’m creating another new kinda category (hopefully this one will stay) and it’s goin to be about getting to know me and my life. Not too much personal things but interesting and sometimes boring things. And to start it off this post will be about how today I got my wisdom teeth pulled out! I got it done this morning at 8 and the we’re finished by 9:30. Now I’m in bed with pain. I had to get three taken out, and one of them was growing in horizontally! And then one of my wisdom teeth doesn’t exist. Weird right? So yeah three teeth pulled out. As a child I would go to the dentist a lot. I been through all kinds of procedures as a child. See I take great care of my teeth. I floss, brush, and use mouth was consistently but it just seems I have bad teeth.. So that’s basically the story for today with a akward picture of me at the end..

Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

Contact me: whenstarsmisguideus@yahoo.com

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