$0.23 on Spotify!

Alright so this going to sound lame or embarrassing, but I am proud of it! I checked my Spotify page to see how many followers I have and I have 7!!! Also I check my royalties on Spotify and I obtained $0.23! I know these stats are pretty bad. But for some odd reason it just makes me really happy. I never got paid for my music and I never really knew how many people followed my music. And now I see that I have 7 followers and 23 cents! It’s very inspiring and now I’m working harder than ever. See for me like it’s not about making money or have millions of fans. For me it’s about creating something that will last after I’m gone.. I love Music. Everything about it. Right now I’m trying to shape my sound and create a artist out of myself. And when I have followers and get paid for it even if it’s a little I’m still content inside because it’s just a plus to my momentum in music. Thank you to any of you who has followed me or gave my songs a listen! If you are interested there is my Spotify link down low or you can search “Stars Misguide”. Also I’m working on a EP to release this summer and my first album that I want to release in the fall. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you.

Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

Contact me: whenstarsmisguideus@yahoo.com

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