Hereditary (2018 Movie) No Spoilers

So last weekend I went to the movies for the first time this year. I have no idea why it is the first time this year that I made my way to the movies? I think I blame Netflix. Anyways so I saw a scary movie called “Hereditary”.

As the movie began the flow, and the scene structure seemed to me very common in a scary movie. Also the setting which was in the woods, house was secluded, a “white” American family is living their, family doesn’t seem to get a long, one of the children seems off or weird in some way, and a dark secret seemed to linger around the family. So I have been watching horror and scary movies for most of my life, and I have seen so many different films. But recently I kinda stopped watching the horror film genre because it was getting receptive and nothing was really scary anymore it was more about blood and torture. Back to the movie, so I’m sitting there watching rolling my eyes because of all the cliche things that are happening until one scene woke me up and made me uncomfortable, sad, and scared! Thats when the movie just took off! The actors were completely believable, I started to feel anxious and nervous, and even sad. I tried to predict the next scene, and even the ending, but I was completely wrong every time.

The movie had many different Horror film elements in it from pop up scares that you can find in films like Scream, to disgusting weird bloody scenes with the director playing with humans bodies in a sickening way from what you could find in a Rob Zombie film. This movie even tied in elements that you can find in films like The Strangers and even Insidious. The director brilliantly tied in many different elements of many different films perfectly. I personally enjoyed the movie, and kinda sparked something in me that missed the horror genre. This movie to me was a refreshing take on horror that I haven’t seen in awhile.

If you are into Horror films, or if you just want to be freaked out, or if you want to open your mind a little bit; I highly recommend seeing this film.

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