Let’s discover different music genres and the emotions that come along with the songs

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This is apart of my blog section called “Music Talk”.

I love music and I truthfully listen and explore all different genres of music. Music is my passion and I have been really wanting to express my knowledge on music. I have grown to enjoy a variety of different types of genres of music. I of course have my favorite type of genres but that doesn’t really mean anything at all because every month or every other month I explore different genres of music. From screamo to soca and from folk to hip hop. Since I was born I have been exposed to a range of different genres of music because of my family background which is mixed. So if you don’t believe me you can explore over 600 playlist I have created on Spotify. I have a top 50 playlist that constantly is changing and I also have a playlist where I add all the songs that made it to the number one spot on my top 50 playlist. Now for a song to make it to number one for me does not necessarily have to be a perfect or amazing song. It just has to create strong emotions for me and makes me click on Spotify just to hear it. Or even makes me want to hear the song multiple times a day.

So to start things off I will present the first song that made it to my number one song like a year ago I think? Also i will provide the link to my two playlist for you to explore if you are curious in finding new music.

The first song on the list is

“Awesome Day by Tokyo Police Club”

This song is absolutely beautiful and makes me very emotional whenever I hear it. The lyrics are simple yet creative. The singers voice sounds different but also sounds familiar. Also when I first heard it to me it already sounded like a hit song. It has a pop indie rock sounds. My favorite lyric to this song is “I don’t know what’s right and I don’t know what’s wrong and I don’t know what side of the bed I’m supposed to wake up on”. This lyric is presents such a basic concept that does involve much thinking to process but instead it involves complex emotions and ideas. Also this song helped me out during my last college fall semester in 2016 when I was obtaining my A.A. Degree (I received my A.A. Degree that year). One of my classes was a night class and about 40min away and I would play this song driving at night with the windows down feeling the air on my skin feeling hopeful for my future and hopeless for my present time because I was so lost in my major and I was stressing on the amount of time I have in my youth. This song always brings me right back to those nights and the feelings that I had during those late night car rides alone.

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