Who am I? #5

Last Monday (8/20/18) was the first day of me attending a University (University of Central Florida). I had mixed feelings about my experience. My first thought was that it felt like the Disney world for Education. Their was students, workers, professors, and just tons of different people walking, skating, and driving all around the campus. There is tons of restaurants, and beautiful buildings all around the campus. It is truly a very unique experience. Then I started to attend classes and feel out the students and professors. The both professors that I have started to stress that if you don’t get a Masters degree you won’t find a job that will make you happy, or earn you money. I was a bit frustrated of how untrue that statement is. I am studying Psychology, and I’am very interested in the subject, well I have been since I was small. I look at life psychological every single day, all day. I love analyzing myself, others, nature, books, art, and so on. So I’am curious on what I will discover on this educational journey. Now, these are some of the positive things that has happened. Some of the negative things or I guess more unsure things are I’am not confident in my major. Also Im not very confident in why I’m in school in the first place? I love learning, and love going to classes, but why am I truly there? Well to answer that question I definitely want to have the achievement of getting a bachelors degree. A bachelors degree is something that I definitely want to obtain in my life. Now what kinda job do I want? I have no clue, and that is what is stressing me out. I will be sitting in class thinking there is no way I want to be a psychologist, but I love the concepts so much. Also during class I at times start to fantasize about creating music for a living, and how comfortable that would make me feel. I don’t know.. I am very confused with that concept at the moment. Also it kinda gets me down seeing all these people around me, and still feeling a bit lonely inside. I try to talk to people but they seem too busy or they try to hard or they are just too busy on their phones. I won’t give-up on my pursuit to find real friends or relationships. I know that they are out there. How do I know? Because I have a real friend and relationship with my girlfriend (Sara), my dad, mom, and two brothers. I know what it feels like and there is no way that I can’t find more true relationships/connections with people. There are billions of humans out there.


Now this week would be only my second week in this university so my opinion will probably start to change as I journey my way through this fall semester. Also I would like to state that I am very excited to meet new people and experience new moments. Since I have turned 21 years old (I’m 22 right now) I have completely erased all my high school friends (except 2 one of them is my girlfriend who i have been dating for 6 years and the other is a friend that has been in my life since i was 4) and I have deleted all my social media, and also took out almost everyone and everything that has had a negative affect on me. With that being said I have a clean slate, and I am ready to create a new journey of relationships with people. A lot has been said on this blog post and I just want it to be clear that these are my true concepts and feelings of my life right now, and that they will most definitely change over time. Thank you for reading and remember that we are growing everyday, and no one is every the same person they were yesterday. 



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6 thoughts on “Who am I? #5

  1. Hello there
    Always nice to read your posts
    So this my personal experience about what I wanted to study and what I want to do as job
    Life is a permanent change same as our personality and life circumstances
    Sometime we do what we want,sometime we don’t
    Dosen’t matter cause everything will change eventually
    See I wanted to be a professional basketball player,I sacrificed a lot to reach my goal but a silly injury ruined my dream
    See even if we know what we want sometime circumstances out of our control can change it
    Then I studied mechanic cause it was a well paid job where I come from in Italy,I didn’t socialize much when younger so I thought could be perfect,don’t have to talk and get pay well
    Finished school I started the job,I didn’t like it plus my personality evolved in a more extrovert one,my family and a newsagency and bookshop business,I thought is perfect for me,I can talk to people make money and then open more shops,the time I spend working in the shop shaped me again,reading brought me to travel,travelling changed me from a materialistic person to a more simple,see an other change
    I didn’t want the shop anymore I want to travel
    I left Italy moved to Australia then japan then I knew what I wanted again,work in the nature as Gardner,I did it but I missed socialise so I quit again moved to New Zealand and managed cafes
    Then for some stupid life mistakes,yes we make them but we need to move on,they are lessons to learn from
    I moved to England London where I decide I would settle down with a good girl
    I didn’t find the girl after 5 years,im a bit complicate person but I think I learned again,and changed again o don’t want to settle down in London I want to move to Asia so here I am trying to open a cafe in Bangkok
    I started a blog and all the experiences I had taught me what I want for sure,is to help people,make my life good but especially make other people life good that’s why I started my blog,that’s why when I work I’m not just working but I want to be a mentor,adviser,someone that dosen’t give you just a coffee but someone that wake you up and make you smile 🙂
    It took me 39 years to find my way but dosen’t mean that in 10 years I will not change again so I learned to go with the flow of life and doing my best to enjoy especially the present moment,The now
    I would recommend to read “the power of now” of eckhart tolle
    This is my personal experience
    please try to don’t stress out ,I know isn’t easy but don’t do it
    Life is a permanent change
    Do what you love at anytime,everything will be helpful to shape what you are meant to become
    We are all different remember
    We want different things
    Someone like me needed 39 years to understand what I wanted in life and as job,someone might need 1 year,10 year,20 year
    We all different
    Enjoy life even if you don’t know the future
    When the time is right you will know what path to take

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    1. Wow, I am absolutely thankful that you took the time out to post this! I appreciate it so much. You really showed me that life is longer than you think and there are endless possibilities. Your life journey is a very interesting one. I agree with you that life is a permanent change and I agree that I shouldn’t stress out so much. It is something that I’m working on. I want to just live life and do my best and stress less. Thank you for this awesome positive post. And also I love your blog! Keep up the great post.

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  2. You’re just starting out so baby steps. A degree in psychology will need at least a masters to get a good job ( I know this because my daughter has a psychology degree, but then found there were no jobs so got her MSW.) But if that’s not for you, but you like to help people there is nursing etc. The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing and learning now and let your mind be open to all possibilities. Sounds like you’re in a good school and everything is so exciting. This is the time in your life to explore.

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    1. Yes, I agree that you need a master for psychology but these teachers were mocking people who didn’t have one and that was what rubbed me the wrong way because there are so many successful career paths. And that is awesome that your daughter obtained her masters! I agree with you that this is the time to explore. Right now I’m really feeling that concept. Once again I appreciate you leaving a insightful comment. Thank you

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