The Drums “Don’t Be A Jerk Jonny” (Emotions that come along with the song)

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Don’t be a jerk Jonny by The Drums is the next song that made it to number one on my top 50 playlist. This song is truly beautiful to me. It came into my life when I was 14 maybe? And stayed there ever since. When I first heard this song I loved it so much that I showed my family and we all would sing it together in the car. When I first started to date my girlfriend in high school I showed her this song and she fell in love with it to. We all would sing this song in my car, me, my family, and my girlfriend. This song is generic pop with simple lyrics but for some reason it is different than regular pop music to me. The voice of the singer is very nostalgic and keeps you listening. The bass in the song is so playful and easy to listen to. My favorite lyric to this song is

“Every day I ride my bike

Up and down these roads

I see a beautiful flower

It was trampled on the ground

And it makes me think of you

How you used to be and who you are now”

These lyrics have been one of my all time favorite since I was 14. This band in particular has been in my life for a long time. It’s one of my favorite bands ever and it also is my brothers and girlfriend.

Here is a YouTube link to the song:

the drums

(Picture I took at their concert)

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