Mac Miller you were one of my biggest influences in creating music…Thank you.

Today I had this feeling that I should start to listen to Mac Miller again because I haven’t for a couple years now. I use to listen to his music a lot when I was younger, and his style of hip hop influenced my music when I was younger. His music was like pop, synth, rock, and hip hop all together with a lot of singing and rapping. He was one of my favorite artist and a lot of his songs helped me through tough time growing up and also helped me to have fun in life. Also I used to use his instrumental of his songs to help me figure out my rap flow, and did many freestyles over his beats; it just always felt comfortable for me to sing over. Well this week like on Tuesday I saw this Youtube video of him performing live on NPR Music tiny desk concert. It open my mind and soul and inspired me to keep pursuing my music because one day maybe I can make some talented heartfelt music like his. This video moved me. So today I went to work put on my head phones and started to listen to Mac Miller’s new album “Swimming” and it moved me. I liked more than a couple songs on the album. The vibe of the album had this youthful feeling to it and a lost, lonely, and question life feel to it. I enjoyed it and was excited to go home and make some music that sounded like his maybe. My favorite song on the album that instantly started inspiring me to make music was As soon as I heard the instrumentals I felt nervous, and inspired.

I get home from work today, and start studying and then I take a break and look on my phone and see that Mac Miller died today, this afternoon at the age of 26. My heart sank and I felt sad. I still feel emotional because he was an artist that influenced me since I was young.. and to see him go so quickly just as he was finding his sound, and maturing and searching for the truth of life just as I am and were both in our twenties. Felt like losing a very cool inspiring friend.. I can’t believe your gone.. I feel weird like someone who has been guiding me in music is gone and now I have to gather all the resources he left behind and figure out my own sound and style… I don’t know.. You are missed, and I your art will live on forever.

this is his new album…

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