Who Am I? #6 Make habits and Talk to strangers

I have been learning and discovering a lot of different things this month. I will name a few important things I have learned or experienced because I can’t really grasp all of the concepts at the moment. I have learned the importance of talking to strangers, the art of mindfulness, how to create habits, how to track where your time goes, how to get better at things, and what putting in work into something really feels like. My whole life I enjoyed being organized and having structure. When I was young I would be going to school, playing instruments, weight training, and play on two (different sports) teams all at once. So the way I was raised was on a high level of being organized, having structure, controlling your time, and the importance of practice.

With that being said recently I have viewed my own life and made major adjustments that I would like to share with you.

  1. The importance of talking to strangers” – Since I have turned 22 years old last year in November I have been wanting to talk to new people, and have conversations with people. The reasoning for this is because I have erased/left behind all the toxic people of my past, and no longer have any contact with them. I deleted all my social media, and only have a few phone contacts in my phone. I was having trouble on how to approach people, and if they even wanted to have a conversation with me. I am a very social person and have definitely tried this year talking to people. This year I had many conversations with many different people but for some reason it didn’t quite make sense to me what I was doing, and why I wanted to talk to stranger so badly? Also the question came to me on how can I get better at talking to new people? Then I stumbled upon this podcast episode the Art of Charm “We need to talk“. If you have time you must listen to this podcast. It really helps open your mind. You can find it on iTunes podcast app and it is called The Art of Charm and the episode is called “Celeste Headlee: We Need to Talk (#684). I listen to this and the next day I was understanding and practicing what this podcast was discussing. I met and talked to five new people in a single day, and felt very content inside.
  2. How to create habits/keep track of time – I began to discover the act of creating habits. I did some light research on how to create habits and adopted some of the concepts that I found. Such as keeping track of where your time is going because numbers do not lie. So I downloaded an app called ATracker onto my phone which keeps track of your time and I have only been using it for a bout a week or so and I definitely feel much more confident. I feel confident in the fact that I know exactly how much time I am putting in to getting my goals accomplished or on how to complete things that I truly want to do besides sitting around procrastinating all day. I have been trying to put together an album but I couldn’t find the time or energy but now I am creating a habit on creating music and I already made a few songs!

Now this is a bit more lengthy than my usual post, but there is just so many things that I have been learning recently. I truly love learning, and understanding new concepts that help us view the world more positively. One thing important that I’m realizing about myself is that I want to create art and the art that I create I want to have answers and questions in it that help us and me understand this world more positively. Not sure if that makes sense but I’m trying to figure it out and almost have it. Thank you for reading!

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