How do you get your feeling of importance? 

How do you get your feeling of importance? 

This question is a powerful one and definitely needs a lot of thinking and feeling to come up with the answer. What in life makes you feel important? and why does it make you feel important? The lives that we live day by day tend to make our minds cloudy and distracted on the bigger picture of our existence. Figuring out this question of “How do you get your feeling of importance?” can really help you figure out the important things in your life, and also what you should focus your attention and energy on. To help figure out who we are…. who we truly are we need to question ourselves, lives, and beliefs. We need to take time out everyday and analyze ourselves. This idea of figuring out what makes us feel important came from a book that I Am currently reading called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” it is a self-help book written by Dale Carnegie, published in 1936. It is definitely an interesting read with a lot of great pointers to help you in life. I don’t really enjoy self help books, but this book is definitely different then most self help books I have read in the past.




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4 thoughts on “How do you get your feeling of importance? 

  1. To feel important is a complicate question that comes from a self ego point of view
    To everyone feeling important is different and change according to our life personal growing ,at this stage of my life I think feeling important isn’t a big deal but feeling in peace yes
    I would say what would make me feel content ,serene ,would be to know that I’m going through life peacefully helping other people making their life happier and serene
    Now at 39 I see life as something really temporary ,short ,the need to feel important have been replaced to a need to feel helpful that makes me feel more in peace
    You Need to have your life experiences to understand what meaningfully makes you feel important
    There isn’t a receipe that works for everyone
    Asking those question you are already a step ahead other people and closer to find out the answer

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  2. Interesting point to think on. I don’t feel important, but also I don’t want to feel that way. I like to think outside of myself and not inside my head. I have found that if I think about myself too much it’s uncomfortable. There’s probably a balance to reach somewhere in all of this.

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