My 23rd birthday

(Who Am I #7)

Today is November 11th 2018 and it is My 23rd birthday. My favorite month is definitely November because I love the feeling and concept of fall. One of my favorite words since I was small was the word fall. Anyways this year for me has been the most drastic change in all my beliefs, concepts, perspectives, and ideas. I have definitely grown significantly this year and gain a lot of knowledge. I feel like since January of this year I restarted everything I believe in and all this year I have been battling to figure everything out. I have always grown each year but his year was the biggest jump I have ever experienced. Also this year I deleted all my social media and basically restarted all my friendships. All the toxic people who just weren’t right me I have let go but in good terms where we are still “friends” it’s just I don’t talk to them or hang out with them. In this pursuit of creating new friends, and relationships I have been trying to talk to one new person a day and it really does make me feel good inside and is truly fun. In talking to people I have found one new friend! Today I will be with my family, my girlfriend Sara, my girlfriends dog, and my pup rocky! I appreciate my family, and my girlfriend for loving me. I appreciate the work and fight that we need to do in order to grow as a person. I feel content and ready to keep pushing myself to achieve my goals, find meaning in my life, love and help others, and create meaningful relationships. Thank you all who read my post and listen to my music. I appreciate you. I’m not just saying that I truly do appreciate you all. You make me feel great that someone enjoys me expressing myself.

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