Who Am I? #8

I have been working hard on my upcoming “album” I have a total of 6 songs! I want to have ten songs total. The collection of music or album is called “Everything Is Temporary”. I Am very proud of the songs that I have created for it so far and I truly can’t wait to release it! I will be releasing it on Youtube and Spotify. Also recently I made a new Instagram now I know that in the past I have written that I deleted all my social media.. I didn’t really want to get an instagram and I don’t really use it that often but I wanted to create it so it could help me market my music and maybe some of you would like to get to know me a bit more and see my family? Well if you do it is @starsmisguide. Also I just finished up writing in my second “life journal” its a journal where I just write everything in to help clear my mind and help me grow. Yesterday I started my 3rd life journal and it truly is exciting! I hope all of you are organizing your life day by day and finding content.




Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

  • Website This is the website that you are on right now.
  • Youtube This is where you can find my Original Music and Videos.
  • Stars Misguide Spotify This is where you can find my Original Music.
  • WSMU Spotify This is where you can find over 600 playlist I created.

Contact me: whenstarsmisguideus@yahoo.com

13 thoughts on “Who Am I? #8

    1. Thank you! Appreciate it. And well the more I write the more it makes me think about myself and not everyone and everything. Like my mind goes a bit slower and I write what feels important or not important. Idk? I guess the feeling of discovering yourself helps motivate me to write!


  1. Florida? I just moved here a few days ago. Very…different. You seem atypical to people I’ve encountered so far, in a good way, no offense to the people I’ve encountered, just saying.

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  2. Cool. That’s pretty close. I am submitting paintings to a gallery in Winterhaven for a show running through January and look forward to getting involved with whatever opportunities that may branch into.

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