Differences Between Chemistry and Connections in Relationships

I will be discussing the difference between chemistry and connections in any kind of relationship with people. I am not a certified life coach, and I do not have a degree yet (working on a bachelors in psychology), but this is only my opinion and perspective that I have created on my own throughout the different experiences that I have lived through, and witness in my own life. I 100% do not believe that I’am right or wrong. I am only trying to search for truth or meaning of concepts by forming my own concepts and giving it reasons on why it could be correct and incorrect and then hearing, and understanding other people’s perspectives on the concept that I have expressed.

Now with that being said let me explain my concept of what chemistry and connections are in relationships. First I will start out with chemistry. Now when I say relationships I am talking about any kind of relationship from friendship to romantic relationships. Chemistry in a relationship is something that you can create and destroy. For example in sports the players have chemistry on the field but that does not mean that they connect with one another it means that with hard work, discipline, and one main goal (to win) makes them all work together and create chemistry. How does that relate to relationships? Well, in relationships sometimes people find someone who is interesting, and maybe that person that they found likes the same things that they like and this person jumps upon that and thinks that they have found a deep connection with this person. They begin to create chemistry with this new person by zoning in on the details that they enjoy about this person, and this makes the relationship work for awhile until things begin to fade or even become uninteresting, and what happens next is one person begins to look for a way out of the relationship or simply just ends it.

Connections in a relationship to me is when there is this strong, gut feeling that when you see this person you just know that they are special and you are going to get along with them. You easily talk to them about anything, and you also feel vulnerable with them. You might not have many similar interests, but that doesn’t mean anything because you discuss, and do all kinds of things. Basically the root of the relationship is about similar interest, hobbies, or lifestyles, but the root of the relationship is this strong feeling that won’t go away, and you can feel deep down somewhere in your soul. The reason for these types of relationships ending might be because one person is too intimidated by the other person attraction to them or maybe one of them is so lost or hurt inside that they aren’t ready for a true relationship yet, or maybe things don’t work out and life happens.  No matter how it ends or begins the connection is what the root of the relationship is and will never be forgotten.

I believe that we can find many connections in our life but it is hard, and rare to find. I also believe that learning how to create chemistry with one another is an important skill to understand, and develop. My thinking is the more people that you meet, statistically the more chances you have of finding connections and practice building chemistry with people. Once again this is all my opinion, and I would love to hear anything that you are thinking? Thank you for reading.


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2 thoughts on “Differences Between Chemistry and Connections in Relationships

  1. Very thought provoking post, Anthony. I think chemistry attracts us to people and it’s the feeling of connection that keeps us together. I think connection is something that can take work to keep it going as we all change in time.

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