Diving Into Oceans of Books (Feb 2019)

This month I read the book “Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl”. This book was truly a great read. It is set in a concentration camp and the writer is a psychologist who suffered in the world war 2 concentration camp. It has a powerful message and beautiful quotes.

Here are some that I have found:

– Pg77 – we needed to stop asking about the meaning of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life— daily and hourly.

– Pg82- quote “ what you have experienced, no power on earth can take from you “

– Pg66 – Fundamentally, therefore, any man, can, even under such circumstances, decide what shall become of him – mentally and spiritually. He main retain his human dignity even in a concentration camp.

I don’t want to give away anymore of the book, but all I can say is that it is a short read that will open up your mind, soul, and heart.

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