Who Am I? #10

I have been thinking, and trying to move forward every single day. I have been diving into personal development concepts that I have been discovering through youtube, books, and podcasts. There are numerous amounts of interesting concepts of life. A few things that I am trying to understand or is on my mind would be:

  1. Your thoughts are what creates the life that you live.
  2. Do not follow dreams, but instead create habits towards your dreams
  3. Dreams are only ideas you need to take action, and when you do take it 1 step/1 day at a time and progress slowly but on a consistent basis.
  4. Put your money into different accounts such as a “fun account” where you put money into this account to spend on items that you want, or a retirement account to save for your future self, have emergency funds, basically have different accounts to spread your money around besides having it all in one checking account.
  5. Find a passion or something that gets you excited to wake up and live each day.
  6. Create a weekly schedule and stick to it but when you do create this schedule start out very easily such as run once a week, draw twice a week, and watch a movie once a week. Then place them on certain days of the week that is easy for you and try to stick to it. The key is not to go crazy and create an impossible schedule make one that looks super easy to achieve.
  7. Your mind does not know when you are joking or not so try to take away negative comments about yourself and your life even if they are just jokes.
  8. Life is better with other humans, get out there and say hi to someone, hold the door for someone, ask a cashier how their day is and be genuine about it!

These are a few concepts that have really stuck to me this week. I hope some of these concepts are new for you to read and maybe helps you on your journey to become a better you.




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