Treat Yourself The Way You Treat The Ones You Love

Yes, we all hurting inside and are most likely facing a difficult problem. The truth is that this is life; it has its ups and downs. In my opinion life wouldn’t be so incredible if it wasn’t for the chaos that surrounds us, and it wouldn’t be so comforting if it was for the order in our lives also. I have been thinking lately and came to a realization that people treat others better than they treat themselves. People are hurting inside, and keep on hurting themselves mentally and then when they see someone else hurting they comfort them and tell them that everything is going to be alright and you will get through this. We need to treat ourselves the way we treat someone we love or care for. If someone you love tells you that they feel worthless in this world, you are going to try and change their mind and show them that they mean everything and they have a purpose, but if that same statement pops up in our own minds we tend to agree and not try to disprove it or even try to make ourselves feel better. Basically I am trying to say that we need to care and love ourselves the way we do to our loved ones.



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