Went Kayaking For The First Time (Who Am I? #11)

I went kayaking for the first time, and it helped me understand life and nature a bit more. I kayaked in an open lake that was a good size with trees surrounding the lake.


I went with Sara and we had a great time, talking, paddling, and enjoying the outdoors and scenery. Afterwards I felt refreshed, and less stressed. I have been noticing lately that when you are feeling stress, worried, lazy, or down go outside and do something or exercise in some way. Just walking through a trail or going somewhere to sit outside near trees can really help you. For me at least when I am outside surrounded by nature I begin to feel, and realize that life is short, and there is something bigger going on around you. Nature is something that you cannot wrap your mind around. Also exercising in any way just moving your body helps me forget things and feel good physically.

Me and Sara




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4 thoughts on “Went Kayaking For The First Time (Who Am I? #11)

  1. My husband and I bought kayaks a few years ago. At first I was really nervous because I am SO not athletic (or even in shape) and am extremely clumsy. But kayaking is one of those things where you can be as adventurous (or not) as you want! I much prefer slow paddles on lakes instead of the intensity of rivers. It can be quite relaxing, and you’re still getting exercise and seeing nature.

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