Am I made for more? (Who Am I? #12)

Am I made for more?

As I keep getting older, my concepts and beliefs about life change rapidly. Things that I once believed that was so true I now do not believe in. Activities that I once loved, now are not so interesting. I have had this experience many times in my life. I basically figure all the things I like or want to do and all the things I don’t like or want to do. The things that I don’t want to do I erase out of my life, and I begin searching and discovering new things to bring into my life.

One thing that always stuck with me is that I love learning new things. New ideas, concepts, hobbies, interest, activities, the list goes on and on. Since I was small that is the only thing that I wanted to do is learn new things and now that I am 23 years old it stuck to me. It is a bittersweet kind of situation for me because learning new things is truly amazing and I can not live this life without striving to learn new things, but in order to learn new things you much search. Searching can become tiring, and stressful. At times I just want to settle with all the things I already know but my mind and body won’t let me.

I have been having this feeling lately that I am suppose to express myself in a more greater and clearer way. I have been stressing and feeling a bit down because I keep searching and trying to express my thoughts, emotions, and concepts through my original music I make, these blog post, and I also create basic music videos on youtube for my songs, and recently I began drawing and painting to express myself, but I know deep down there is a bigger picture or movement that is in me, or that I can create.



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8 thoughts on “Am I made for more? (Who Am I? #12)

  1. I’m 34 and can tell you that you will go through this many times in your life. Sometimes it’s little things, others huge. It’s all just a part of growing and learning. I didn’t start doing “my own thing” until maybe 3 years ago so many times I feel like I’m in college student phase (the wide-eyed finding myself part, not the party-til-you-can’t walk part lol).
    Times like this can be daunting but they can also be fun.. Don’t ever be afraid to try new things or abandon others if they don’t feel true to you anymore. This includes people!

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