Figuring out When Stars Misguide Us (Who am I #13)

Lately I have been trying to figure out how to put everything together for “When Stars Misguide Us”. I have been adding and scratching out different ideas for the past month, and can’t really figure anything out at the moment. I want to create something that is in one overall subject besides having a bunch of different subjects like it is now. One breakthrough that I had is that I want to create a style or overall presents with my music that I create. Once I create that style it will carry onto When Stars Misguide Us writings, videos, and so on.. Just at a weird limbo place right now.

If you want to check out my music I am on spotify. If you do make it all the way to my spotify page it would really help if you followed and gave my music a chance! I am working on a acoustic album right now.


Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

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