Who am I #14 (Life Has No Meaning Until You Give It One)

I have been reading a lot lately. All kinds of different books from Sherlock Holmes to Psychology books. I have also been learning more about Art history, and different types of artist. For some reason the more I learn the more I begin to find myself. This is how it has been for me my whole life. If I am not learning anything new or interesting I begin to feel down, and hopeless. As soon as I begin to discover new things and learn I feel myself again. To me it’s a gift and a curse. It’s a gift because obviously learning new things is always a beneficial. Learning new things makes life interesting and also makes you interesting as a person. The curse is that sometimes I don’t feel like learning anything and just want to live life, do nothing, or try to learn more about things I already know. I have always said that I am a walking contradiction and as I get older I believe it.

I have come across a concept that spoke to me and as of right now I feel this way towards life, but as time goes on it might change. Honestly, I enjoy being misguided because I question everything and never hold onto any kind of belief.

Concept: “Life Has No Meaning Until You Give It One” which comes from the philosophy of Logical Positivism.

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