Who Am I? #15 (Creating Who I Am)


An interesting thought that I had recently is that the things that we like or enjoy make up who we are. It is such a simple thought, but yet for some reason this concept really brings me wonder and joy to think about. All the movies, songs, art, conversations, colors, styles, etc. the list could go on forever. It all makes up our personality. Its beautiful to me because it is so simple, yet complex. When I analyze myself it brings me excitement to know that music I like, or the conversations I enjoy to listen to, or engage in makes me who I am. I know that this concept of realizing that the things you like makes up who you are is very basic and probably has been over said, but this concept alone has been helping me on a daily basis to keep on going, and searching for truth.

Also to add is that the opposite of the things that we like are the things that we dislike. The things that we dislike also make up who we are and I feel like that concept just as powerful. When we discover what we dislike and know what we like we form our personality, opinions, and who we are. I feel a bit silly for writing these simple statements, but honestly for some reason these past months these two concepts has been helping me on my journey of creating Who I Am.


Photo used from (not mine): https://www.pexels.com/photo/flock-of-birds-917494/


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