Self Education and School System (Contradicting lives #1)

Self Education and School System

As I grow older I have come to a conclusion that as humans living in society we all are walking contradiction. It is very difficult to not have one contradiction attached to you, and your life. Well I am here to talk about one of my contradictions that I have on school. I love going to classes and school campuses. I attend UCF right now and love going to class, walking around campus, learning new things, and studying. My contradiction is that the school system doesn’t truly teach the way it could. Besides only testing students on memorization, and bubbling in the correct answers; why not teach so students can understand concepts. Why not have subjects that help individuals grow their mind, their spirit. Make learning interesting, easier to grasp, and have useful subjects that help students for real life. Classes that help get you jobs, search for careers, finance. When I speak of the education system I am referring from kindergarten through college. I have attended private schools, public schools, state colleges, and universities. I love school, but it’s a shame that it is as interesting and engaging as it could be. Only if school was something that the majority of people wanted to go to, how different would society be? Their is so much free resources now because of technology. I feel that I learn more concrete concepts, ideas, skills, personal development, personal financial development through self learning. I am not saying that you can self teach yourself everything like law or open heart surgery. I am not saying that degrees, and the school system is pointless. Also, I am not trying to imply that teaching yourself and the school system is better than one another. I believe they both are needed and I enjoy learning both types of ways. What I am saying is that not everyone knows where to begin or how to get started in the journey of self learning, and not everyone can excel in the school system. I believe if we combined both concepts and made people more aware of all the subjects, and concepts they should be studying for the “real world” we would be able to create truly educated citizens.


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