Journaling My Life (Who Am I? #18)

As the year is beginning to end I begin to reflect back on all the moments I have experienced this year. I love log tracking everything from the movies I watch, how many workouts I put in, amount of runs I ran, and so on. It brings me great satisfaction at the end of every year to look back at all the different categories that I kept updated. For example this year I read 47 books (thanks to the help of audiobooks).

I am not sure why I love tracking all the things I do. One reason would be because to me it feels like I am keeping a mini history book of myself. With written journals, pictures, written songs, instrumentals I created, all of these different things updated throughout the year feels like a history book of my life. I know this sounds like I am full of myself or that I think that I am as interesting, or important as the people who are actually apart of great history, but I don’t think that I am a historical person, or that my life is so interesting. Log tracking and making myself believe that I am journaling my life as a whole, or as if I am in my own documentary brings me contentment. This idea of creating my life like someone is documenting me makes me want to do better for myself and experience as much as I can.

Here is a list of ideas for anyone who is a little bit interested in journaling there life for the new year! (Also I keep track of these things either on an app or on google keeps). Now I enjoy logging all these categories throughout the year, but if you think that this a lot and isn’t worth it, I understand! But maybe there is at least one category that you might want to log track to keep you focused and accomplish the things that you want to achieve.

  • The runs I run! (Nike Run Club App)
  • Workouts (Strong App)
  • Kayaking (Paddle Logger)
  • Art/Paintings I like (Daily Art App and then write the names onto google keeps)
  • Podcasts I enjoyed (Write onto google keeps)
  • Financial Income/Outcome (Money Manager App)
  • Different savings accounts (Expense App)
  • Photos (ICloud)
  • Videos (Extra storage USB)
  • Books I read (Goodreads)
  • List of Goals (google keeps)
  • Things I want to do (google keeps)
  • Places I went/want to go (google keeps)
  • Blog stats (google keeps)
  • Things I want/need (google keeps)
  • Bucket list (google keeps)
  • Movies I watched (google keeps)
  • Tv shows I watched (google keeps)
  • Exercise activities (google keeps)
  • Financial goals (google keeps)
  • UFC matches I watched (google keeps)
  • Art that I created (google keeps)
  • Music I created (Itunes, and google keeps)
  • What to buy people and what they like (google keeps)
  • College course taken (google keeps)
  • Concerts I been to (google keeps)
  • Anime I watched (google keeps)
  • Subjects I learned on my own (google keeps)
  • Restaurants I went to (Todine App)



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